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Cathy & Jim Higgins

               With sellers potentially looking at over 100 homes, your home web page must attract buyers. This is what we do...make your home stand out against the competition.

To accomplish this, you will get:

1. Professional photos taken by a Professional Photo Studio. Your Home Pictures will be beautiful and will attract the buyers. Homes with Bad pictures will be crossed off any buyers list.

2. Detailed property information will be added so they know of every single feature that your home has to offer.  So by the time your prospective buyer sees the beautiful photos of your home and sees all the amenities your home has to offer, they will want to see your home.

3. Your Home will be placed on Every Significant Home Search Site. If there is a Buyer looking for a Home in your town and in your price range, they WILL know about your home! Guaranteed!

4. A Virtual tour with music, offering a unique way to view your home.

5. Interactive maps so they know how close your home is to schools and other important places to the buyer.

6. Branded websites. This means all inquires on your home go directly to us. Who else will know your home better than us? No other company has this.

7. Video tour of your Home. Videos are the hottest search item for buyers. They love videos, so we add a video of your home for their viewing. 96% of the buyers use the internet to search for homes. Of those, 71% said they utilize or look for online videos!

8. Social Media. We share your listing with all our past clients and friends, and the word on your home spreads fast! It is also placed on our Facebook page, Blog and on our Twitter page.

9. The Real estate sign on your home will have a rider with phone number and property code, that a drive by buyer can call right in front of the home and get ALL the details and pictures. Then they carry it with them so they don't forget about it!

Call to try it out: 866-600-6008, enter property code 43178. The voice will tell you we are now sending you a mobile text to your mobile phone.

press 1 for the link of your home that will text to your phone. After you press one the voice will say “ok.” Hang up and Open the text named link on your phone.

Slide the pictures from side to side to view all the additional pictures.

10. You will be sent weekly reports so you know how many buyers viewed your home on the Internet sites and which sites they used. View these reports only if you want to. We view them regularly.

 We follow up on every lead so they don't go on to the next home without knowing everything your home has to offer!

Remember Over 96% of all buyers search for homes on the Internet.

Your Home page is designed to attract these buyers, and we guarantee it will!

We Sold Over 170 Homes the Past 2 Years for a Reason.

Jim & Cathy Higgins
Realtors / Brokers
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Jim: 219-577-5905
Cathy: 219-865-4361
Offices for Munster, Highland, Schererville, St John, Dyer, Crown Point, Hammond, Lowell, Cedar Lake and all over chicagoland and NW Indiana.


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